Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mike Smith scores his first career goal

With the Red Wings goalie pulled, Coyotes goalie Mike Smith shoots for the empty net with seconds remaining in the game. Fate is on his side as the puck slides over the line with just 0.1 seconds to go!

The Penalty Box - Senior Hockey Players Talk About Women & Love

A short documentary film by Arthur Franck & Oskar Forstén about a bunch of senior ice hockey players sitting on the penalty box and recalling the loves of their lives. The stories are as well about the first crushes as also about decades lasting marriages. The men recall both the happy and unhappy loves of their lives. They also discuss the role of a man and their roles in the families, and how they feel failed when not able to live up to these roles. After all living together with women is not always so easy, and the men talk sincerely about such things as broken marriages and families. However, most of them would find it horrible to live in a world without women. The documentary film gives an honest view to the relations and relationships of the two sexes from the male perspective.